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  R.A.E.S Calibration maintains world-class metrology facilities and offers calibration services with the highest accuracy. Each year we carry out thousands of calibrations for measurement and instrumentation companies, manufacturing industry and others, traceable back to the national standards. We also deliver innovative, specialized measurement services, tailored to new and demanding applications. This traceable calibration service is in accordance with industry-standard quality assurance programs. As components of a piece of equipment age, they undergo changes due to temperature or sustain mechanical stress. This process gradually degrades the critical performance of an instrument. While you cannot eliminate system drift, you can detect it and contain it through the process of calibration. Proper calibration is essential for pre-serving measurement accuracy, complying with standards, and sustaining your competitive advantage. No single plan for calibration can meet the needs of every Industry. That's why we tailor our calibration plans to fit the needs of individual customers. Any production line relies on properly calibrated instruments in order to deliver product uniform in quality regardless of quantity. At R.A.E.S Calibration you are assured of the required attention to detail.


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